Emulator InstallationΒΆ


  • Verify all these steps on someone else's computer
  • Add more detail about entering account credentials?

The following steps are based on the official instructions found here. We've streamlined the steps a little bit so you can just read our version.

  1. Create a Genymotion account by filling out this form.
  2. Download the Genymotion binary from this page.
  3. Install Genymotion by running the binary.
  4. Start up Genymotion and enter your account credentials.
  5. Click on the Add button to add an Android Virtual Device.
  6. On the Android version dropdown, choose "5.#.0" or whatever is the latest version of Android.
  7. From the Available virtual devices list, select "Google Nexus 5". Click the Next button a couple times to get through the installation wizard, then click Finish.
  8. Verify that "Google Nexus 5" appears under the Your virtual devices list.
  9. Start the Android Virtual Device by double-clicking on it.
  10. Download MIT AI2 Companion APK file to your computer.
  11. Install the MIT AI2 Companion by dragging its APK file into the window of the running Android Virtual Device.
  12. Now you need to install App Inventor Setup on your computer. Go to this page and download the correct binary for your operating system.
  13. Install App Inventor Setup by running the binary you downloaded.
  14. Visit http://appinventor.mit.edu/test/. If everything has been properly installed, then you should see both these messages:
    • YES, aiStarter 2.3 is running!
    • YES, your phone is connected via USB!

Whew, that was a lot of work, but congratulations on finally getting through it! Now you're ready to start creating your first mobile app.